Capital Campaign Updates 6/24/22

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Here is an approximate time-table of the renovations:

6/20 & 21: Pews were removed

6/22 & 23: Abatement was done

6/24: Scaffolding was erected

6/27 and forward:
–Ceiling will be cleaned and painted
–Pendant fixtures will be cleaned and refurbished
–New ceiling lighting will be installed to replace theexisting floodlights so that the lighting in the sanctuary is more evenly dispersed

After completion of the first half of the sanctuary ceiling:
–Move scaffolding
–Install floor tile
–Reset pews

After completion of the first half of the sanctuary:
–Repeat the above process on the other side

After all the above is complete, the wood baseboard will be installed, followed by the installation of the new carpet. By the end of summer, the carpet for the chancel should be available to be installed. Then it will be time to celebrate and rejoice!

Donations for the Capital Campaign can be made using a designated yellow-bordered envelope that is in your envelope box. Envelopes are also available outside the church office. The envelope can be placed in the locked wooden box on the table in the narthex. Donations can also be made online. If you would like to make a pledge, please contact the church office for a form. All pledges are kept confidential.