Hintze Library Book of the Month January

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“Grounded in God’s Word- Commentaries on Life”


January 2020 Grounded in God's Word


God’s Word gives life. God’s Word concerns life.

God’s Word of life reveals what He has done, how every human life has value and dignity, and how everything God created was for the sake of His children—for us! We cannot consider this without awe. The fallen, broken world, however, does not acknowledge this. It promotes instead the self above all, champions an “anything goes” theology, and brings hurt and confusion. Bad things happen. People are deceived. Lives are destroyed. Collected here are easy-to-read commentaries concerning topics such as moral worth, abortion, evolution, suffering, life and death decisions, biblical manhood and womanhood, and other sanctity of life issues. Grounded in Scripture, these relevant essays explore what is revealed in God’s Word and discuss a wide array of topics pertaining to human life, God’s grace, and His perfect love for us in Christ Jesus.



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