Monthly Message From Pastor

March 2018


Taking Up Something for Lent

 Dear people loved by Christ,

 Often times people will “give up” something during the season of Lent. While this certainly isn’t required of Christians, denying ourselves of worldly pleasures can be a way to remind us of our need for deep reliance on Christ. This small sacrifice can be a simple way to remember Jesus’ infinitely greater sacrifice for us on the cross. People give up all sorts of items like sweets or soda, time watching television or checking out Facebook. In college, one of my friends gave up vegetables, which for him, wasn’t really much of a sacrifice at all!

 This year, I encourage you to consider “taking up” something up for Lent. In other words, adding something to your life during this 40-day season. Adding something can strengthen our faith and our love for our neighbor. For instance, consider taking up: 

-          Quiet time in prayer on behalf of your family, congregation, nation, and world

-          Reading a Psalm each day from the Old Testament

-          Including a Lenten devotion at the beginning or end of the day

-          Take time to write a note of thanks to someone who has blessed your life

-          Sign up for spending an hour in prayer and peaceful vigil on Friday, March 2 as part of our congregation’s 40 Days for Life commitment

-          Pause in the middle of the week to attend Lent services on Wednesdays

 As you consider what you might take up, reflect on the words of Jesus in Matthew 16:24, “If anyone would come after me, let him deny himself and take up his cross and follow me.” Endeavor to follow Jesus this Lent and always, knowing that He took up His cross for your forgiveness and salvation.

God be with you,

Pastor Clark