Monthly Message From Pastor

August 2017

A Walk With Purpose

I may very well have the best office window view of any pastor in St. Louis.  I’m blessed with a view of the southwest corner of picturesque Francis Park.  Especially this time of year, just about every time I look out my window I see someone walking in the park.  It makes me want to strap on my tennis shoes and join them!

When people walk, they usually do so with a purpose.  Maybe it’s for health reasons.  Maybe it’s a charity walk to help a good cause.  Maybe it’s to simply get from point A to point B.  In just a few weeks, Ascension will be holding a walk with a higher purpose.  We’re calling it our “Reformation Walk.”

What exactly is a Reformation Walk?  Glad you asked.  The walk is a multigenerational event where people of all ages can learn more about the Reformation in a fun, family friendly way.  As participants walk from station to station, they’ll have the opportunity to travel back in time 500 years meeting figures from the Reformation.

At each stop, they’ll have the chance do things like meet Martin and Katie Luther and learn about their home, create and learn about the meaning behind Luther’s seal, sing songs of praise with a music cantor, learn about Luther’s 95 Theses, snack on pretzels, and maybe even learn a little German.

But remember, at the center of our Reformation Walk and our entire celebration during this 500th anniversary year of the Reformation, is Jesus!  Jesus went on the most important wall in all of history as he walked the path to the cross for us.

Please join us for a walk with purpose, our Reformation Walk, on Sunday, August 13 at 9:45 am in the Fellowship Hall.

God be with you,

Pastor Clark