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January 2018-Devotged to God and Each Other

Devoted to God and Each Other

by Deane Schuessler

Devoted to God and Each Other is designed to provide positive and thoughtful inspiration and a renewal of hope that will strengthen marriages and fill voids in hearts in seventy-three short devotions.

A recurring thread woven through the book is that a relationship with God is the main conduit of protection and power in our marriages. Dr. Schuessler says that our deepest, most important relationship is with God, while the most intimate is with our spouse. He sees marriage as a huge gift from God. Receiving his gift and believing in him as the Giver, we will be much more apt to respect and receive each other in love.

Not merely a book for newlyweds or those heading toward marriage, it equally addresses the concerns and needs of couples in their mature years. Designed to be read together by couples, the book provides helpful, directed discussion starters and prayer guides. Issues such as mending little tears in marriage, finding purpose in your life together, nurturing growth and unity, and even steps to a real apology are dealt with in a sensitive way.