Men’s Retreat Camp Wartburg 1-19 -1-20-2018

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Man Up!: The Quest for Masculinity    Presented by Rev. Jeffrey Hemmer
Pr. Hemmer promises not to call you effeminate, shame you with his perfect manliness, or kick you in the shorts. But he’ll tell you about Jesus, who may well do all three of those things.

Are you tired of a culture that wants to ignore the differences between men and women? Do you think being a real man is little more than having the biggest muscles, guns, and truck and knowing how to get your woman to submit to you? Are you fed up with singing syrupy-sweet love songs to Jesus in church? Does your wife think this conference could teach you a thing or two about being a real man? Are you just looking for something to do on a Saturday morning?

Come hear what a Real Man is and does. Genuine masculinity is not a matter of taking back your rights or standing up for yourself. It’s about seeing yourself as a means for the good of others, about learning to live in your calling to be a husband, father, man, son, hero, hearer, and more for the benefit of those God has given you to serve. In Jesus, you have both the perfect Icon of masculinity and also the source of courage and hope when you fail in these manly endeavors.